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Kuwait Visa for Indian

Kuwait Visa for Indian

Kuwait one of the frequently and widely visited Arab country never fails to entice the travelers with its modern architecture, impressive culture and interesting tales of history. Every year, many Indians book their travel to Kuwait and the reason behind their trip varies from employment, business, tourism, or personal visit to their relatives based in this country. To get pass the security and other travel barriers, Kuwait Visit Visa needs to be issued. VISAS9 is one such travel portal that is engaged in offering services related to issuance of Kuwait Visa for Indian Citizens.

As a pre-requisite, Indians applying for Kuwait Tourist Visa require a visa and a passport which stand valid for a minimum period of 6 months. Also, it is important to note that the visa related formalities and documentation varies as per the varying travel purposes. Apart from the aforementioned requisites, the government also asks or other internationally recognized travel document in order to establish their nationality backing the valid visa obtained and issued by Indian Mission.

The Kuwait visa price again varies as per different visa types. For example, Kuwait Visit Visa Cost is set at KD3.00 leaving the entry permits free of charge. Similarly, the Kuwait Visa Fees differs for Domestic Servant Visa, Residence Visa, Transit Visa and other categories of Kuwait visas for Indian. the staff at our site remains updated about the changes made in rates and prices of Kuwait Visa Fees for Indians, so as to facilitate best and accurate information sharing with the travelers.

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We help our clients in securing different types of Kuwait Visa that majorly includes the following:

  • Tourist Visa – as the name indicates, this visa is applied for tourism purpose and includes permits to Indians who wish to make a tour of sightseeing, recreational activities, vacationing.
  • Visit VisaKuwait Visit Visa offers a legit stay of up to 30 days once the traveler enters the country and stays valid for 3 months/ 90 days. Kuwait Embassy takes a week to process this kind of visa for visitors who are related to a resident in this country. It requires the submission of an application form, passport copy, security form filled by resident foreigner, sponsor’s passport as well as civil ID, sponsor’s salary certificate as well as relationship proof.
  • Work Visa/Permit – This category of Kuwait Visa for Indian citizens is for those who wish to apply for a work visa/permit and is issued under Article 17 and 18 as stated by the immigration regulations of Kuwait.
  • Transit Visa – This kind of visa stands valid for one week or 7 days and is primarily issued by Kuwaiti Consulate office or Kuwait Port Authority. This requires confirmation of onward ticket along with presenting visa issued for arrival to the next destination.

VISAS9 guide its clientele in filling visa applications with strict vigilance and accuracy regarding their personal details that must comply with their passports. Any kind of mismatch or discrepancy is looked down with suspicion thereby increasing the chances of visa to be cancelled or issued late. And also we are doing Services for Qatar Visa Service

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